Diana's Finer Footwear


About Us:

Diana's Finer Footwear began in 1982 when I began importing shoes from Mexico. I loved the styles and colors and leathers! I began doing "shoe parties" with friends and eventually in 1987 left my government job to open my first store and expand shoe sales to business sites. My largest client was the County of Los Angeles.  My business grew from referrals; I amassed several thousand clients and built a great reputation for having quality merchandise and great customer service.
I opened several stores between 1986 and 2014. 
With the onset of internet shopping, I have switched gears and now, although I still do an occasional fundraiser, I sell more through my website www.dianasestore.com. Besides selling name brands, I am introducing my own line of diana dominguez footwear. My collection features leather uppers and soles and exclusivity. Women don't want to see their shoes walking all over town. I have listened to my customers who complain they can't find fashion in larger sizes, so my line will include sizes 11 and 12. I am expanding to include purses as well.
I am proud that many of my clients children who have grown up are now my customers! That's what happens when you treat people right. 
What's next for Diana? Stay tuned......

Return Policy:

Diana's will gladly refund or exchange your purchase (minus shipping) if the shoes are unworn and purchased through Dianasestore website (not a shoe party) and if they are returned within 3 weeks of ship date accompanied by a receipt copy.

Contact Us:(626) 966-7626

Remember, you're always welcome to see Diana's shoes in person,  just call or email me for an appointment!